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Published: 02nd February 2009
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If you're a bit tired of the usual pass the parcel and musical chairs and want some original party games ideas for your kids' party - or indeed if you want to spice up an adult dinner party with some fun and interesting ideas to get everyone enjoying themselves, then it is time to use your imagination and get creative.

One of the keys to a successful party is to incorporate party games ideas that fit in with an overall theme. If you are having a western theme to your party, you'll want ideas for party games that involve horseplay, lassoes or baked beans! For a kids' party with a Disney theme, you might create a fun quiz on "The Lion King" or another of your child's favorite Disney movies.

Whatever your party theme is, you can brainstorm all sorts of ideas for fun, interesting and original party games ideas.

It's also easy to adapt standard party games to a special theme or unusual idea. For instance, how about a pass the pumpkin party game at a Halloween party instead of pass the parcel?

It's a good idea to avoid complicated instructions and difficult games - even for adults, simple games are usually the best, and the least stressful for you as the host or hostess. Also, games that put some of the effort and creativity onto the guests are great for getting everyone involved.

The name game is always a popular choice. All you need to provide is a hat, and a bunch of small pieces of paper and pens or pencils. Each player writes down a few famous names, one on each slip of paper (five is a good number, but it depends on how many players you have).
Then each player takes his or her turn to pull a name from the hat and try to get the person sitting next door to guess the name. You can make this party game idea much more fast paced and exciting by giving a time limit to each player - 30 seconds or a minute work well - and seeing how many names they can pull and get their partner to guess correctly in that time.

Put your creative hat on, start brainstorming and you are sure to come up with original and fun party game ideas that will be retold and resurrected at lots of future parties with your friends and family!

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